Molly Rambur


There are a number of members in this church that are from Altus. You might occasionally hear a joke or two about the Altus Mafia. Molly is a member! She grew up there attending First Presbyterian Church and also was a counselor-in-training at Dwight Mission right after high school.

Her background suits her work here well as she manages programs for families with babies, children and teens. She actually enjoys working with committees, so she’s a keeper. Molly began on our staff in 2012, after working at Memorial Presbyterian Church across town for three years.

She’s an OU graduate from the Gaylord Journalism College, which was previously named the H.H. Herbert School of Mass Communications and Journalism. Her great grandparents were dear friends with H.H. Herbert, so Molly’s choice of college and major were, as we like to say in our faith, pre-ordained.

Molly and her husband, Jimmy, have a nine-year-old son, Justus. One of Molly’s co-workers describes her as a Swiss Army Knife, because she really can do just about anything and does make our church that much better.